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Top 10 Important Deserts in the World | All Deserts in the world and Locations

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Deserts in the World

Hello readers, Here we are came up with an Important topic Deserts in the World. The examinations which are related to Banking sector and other central and state level are asking atleast 1 – 2 questions from this topic. And we elaborate this topic into continental wise like Deserts in Africa, Asia, Australia and other continents. So go through   it and make use of it.

List 10 Most Important Deserts in the World :

1. Namib Desert

The Namib, which at an age of 43 million years is widely accounted the world’s oldest desert, is located on the coast of southern Africa. A diverse set of animals live here, many of which exist nowhere else on the planet. The Namib Desert overlays coastal Namibia, extending into Angola and South Africa.

2. Black Rock Desert

Found in Nevada, the Black Rock Desert is most famous for being the site of Burning Man, an annual weeklong event that sees the construction of Black Rock City, where Burners reside during the festival before all traces of it are removed till the following year. Much of the desert is composed of lava beds and alkali flats.

3. Atacama Desert

The Atacama is deemed the driest non-polar desert in the world. A plateau spanning Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile, it measures 600 miles in length and circumscribes an area over 40,000 square miles.

4. Sahara Desert

The Sahara, which carpets a large part of Northern Africa, is the third-largest desert in the world. Winds and sporadic rainfall have shaped the Sahara into a landscape of dunes, valleys, flats, and sand seas. Oases infringe on the parched expanse, nourished by water from the desert’s underground aquifers.

5. Gobi Desert

The Gobi spans parts of China and Mongolia, once encompassing some of the notable cities along the Silk Road. The Gobi is also ‘home’ to the Mongolian death worm, a cryptid described as a red worm two to five feet in length that locals claim can spew acid to kill its prey.

6. Negev Desert

A desert in southern Israel, the Negev hosts several Bedouin cities as well as kibbutzim. The desert constitutes over 55% of Israel’s land area. Throughout the ages, this region has been settled by nomads, the Byzantine Empire, Romans, and many others. Life in the Negev is said to date back almost 7,000 years.

7. Mojave Desert

The Mojave contains Death Valley, which sits at an elevation of 282 feet below sea level, making it the lowest point in North America. Joshua trees delineate the boundaries of the region. Las Vegas, Nevada, is the Mojave’s largest city.

8. Antarctic Desert

With an annual precipitation of approximately eight inches, Antarctica is classified as a desert, perhaps the least hospitable. The continent has no permanent residents. Those who do live in Antarctica are housed in the research stations that ring the continent.

9. Sonoran Desert

The Sonoran Desert sprawls across swaths of Arizona, California, and Mexico (including Sonora, Baja California, and Baja California Sur). The saguaro cactus and the organ pipe cactus, both of which have federal preserves named after them, are native to this rocky desert.

10. Thar Desert

The Thar Desert, covering 77,000 square miles, forms a geomorphic border between India and Pakistan. The desert’s formation and age are a matter of debate. Its varied habitats support a wealth of animal taxa, including 23 species of lizards and 25 species of snakes.

Deserts of the World Map :deserts in the world

Continental wise Deserts in the world : 

We have 7 Continents in the world . Among 7 we have different Deserts. So Please go through each Continent to know the deserts and locations.

Deserts in Africa

Desert Name Locations
Kalahari Desert  Botswana and parts of South Africa and Namibia
Sahara Desert world’s largest and hottest desert and it covered larger part of North Africa
Karoo Desert southern South Africa
Namib Desert Namibia
Mocamedes Desert Present in southwest Angola, beside the border of Namibia at north of the Namib Desert north side
Danakil Desert  Located in Afar Triangle and Danakil Desert covered northeastern Ethiopia, northwestern most Somalia southern Eritrea and southern Djibouti
Eritrean Coastal Desert  Located along the coast of Djibouti and southern part of the coast of Eritrea.
Guban Desert  Situated along the coast of northwestern Somalia
Ogaden Desert This desert present in southeastern Ethiopia and in northern and central Somalia
Grand Bara Desert This desert covered south Djibouti parts
Chalbi Desert desert present in northern Kenya along the border with Ethiopia
Nyiri Desert present in southern Kenya along the border with Tanzania
Lompoul Desert Located in northwestern Senegal between Saint-Louis and Dakar
Tenere This desert present at western Chad and northeastern Niger.
Tanezrouft Present in northwestern Niger northern Mali, and southern Algeria, Hoggar Mountains west part.
El Djouf located in parts of northwestern Mali and northeastern Mauritania
Djurab Desert located in northern central Chad
Tin-Toumma Desert  lying in southeastern Niger, at the south of the Tenere
Libyan Desert (other name is Western Desert) this desert located in western Egypt, eastern Libya, and northwestern Sudan at the west of the Nile River
White Desert located in western Egypt and Farafra, Egypt
Arabian Desert (other name is Eastern Desert) This desert placed in eastern Egypt and northeastern Sudan between the Red Sea and Nile River
Nubian Desert This desert placed in northeastern Sudan between the Red Sea and Nile River
Bayuda Desert placed in eastern Sudan located just at the southwest of the Nubian Desert
Sinai Desert This desert present in Egypt (on the Sinai Peninsula ).
Blue Desert This desert located around Dahab, Egypt
Atlantic Coastal Desert This desert present along the the Sahara Desert western coast and occupies a narrow strip in Mauritania and Western Sahara.

Deserts in Asia

Desert Name Location
Arabian Desert Arabian Peninsula
Al-Dahna Desert covered the parts of Saudi Arabia
Nefud Desert northern part of the Arabian
Ramlat al-Sab`atayn north-central Yemen
Wahiba Sands present in the parts of Oman
Cholistan Pakistan
Dasht-i-Margo SW Afghanistan
Dasht-e Kavir Central Iran
Dasht-e Lut southeastern Iran (large salt desert)
Gobi Mongolia and China
Indus Valley Desert Pakistan
Judaean Desert Present in eastern Israel and the West Bank
Kara Kum Central Asian
Kharan desert Pakistan
Kyzyl Kum Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
Lop Desert China
Ordos Desert northern China
Rub’ al Khali Desert Saudi Arabia
Taklamakan Desert  China
Thal Desert Pakistan
Thar Desert India and Pakistan
Maranjab Desert central Iran
Negev Desert Southern Israel

Deserts in Europe

Desert Name Location
Accona Desert (semi-desert) Central Italy
Bardenas Reales (semi-desert) Navarre, Spain
Błędowska Desert Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Poland
Deliblatska Peščara Desert Vojvodina, Serbia
Dungeness (Hingle desert) United Kingdom, Southern Kent
Highlands of Iceland Interior plateau of Iceland
Ilhas Selvagens and Ilhas Desertas ( two small archipelagos) located between Canary Islands, Spain and the island of Madeira, Portugal
Larzac (semi-desert) Massif Central in France
Monegros Desert (semi-desert) – Aragón, Spain
Oleshky Sands Desert Ukraine near Askania-Nova biosphere reserve
Oltenian Sahara Romanian historical province of Oltenia
Piscinas (dunes desert) – Italy
Tabernas Desert Almería, Spain

Deserts in North America

Desert Name Location
Carcross Desert Smallest Desert in the World, located outside Carcross, Yukon, Canada
Black Rock Desert northwestern Nevada, United States
Central Valley of California California
Chihuahua Desert  covering parts of northern Mexico and the southwestern United States
Sonoran Desert South America
Atacama Desert Chile and Peru
La Guajira Desert Northern Colombia and Venezuela
Monte Desert Argentina
Patagonian Desert (Largest desert in the America) – Argentina and Chile
Sechura Desert South of the Piura Region of Peru

Deserts in Australia

Desert Name Location
Central Desert central Australian desert
Gibson Desert central Australian desert
Great Victoria Desert biggest desert in Australia
Great Sandy Desert northwestern Australian desert
Little Sandy Desert a western Australian desert
Simpson Desert central Australian desert
Strzelecki Desert south-central Australian desert
Tanami Desert northern Australian desert

Deserts in New Zealand

Here are the complete details of all deserts in New Zealand.

Rangipo Desert – a barren desert-like plateau on the North Island Volcanic Plateau in New Zealand

Deserts in Polar Regions

Antarctica Desert – The largest desert in the world
Arctic Desert – The second largest “desert” in the world
Greenland –It is large tundra
North American Arctic Desert – (large tundra) large tundra in Russia

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