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List Of Important Banking And Finance Abbreviations Part 3

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Important Banking and Finance Abbreviations

Hello Aspirants, In previous tutorials we have given few significant abbreviations related to banking and finance.In this Article we are Providing few more Important Banking and Finance Abbreviations.In the Recent Past Banking Examination Trend had changed Tremendously. In every bank exam 3 to 4 questions are  asking from this abbreviations Section.Keeping this in mind we brought you list of all important abbreviations related to banking and Finance.

List of Important Banking and Finance Abbreviations

BIRD                                      –              Bankers Institute of Rural Development

TIN                                         –              Tax Information Network

CDR                                        –              Corporate Debt Restructiring

REITs                                     –              Real Estate Investment Trusts

InvITs                                    –              Infrastructure Investment Trusts

FINO                                      –              Financial Inclusion Network Operation

STRIVE                                  –              Skill Strengthening for Industrial Value Enhancement

ICDS                                       –              Integrated Child Development Services

FFO                                        –              Further Fund Offering

CAFRAL                                –              Centre for Advanced Financial Research and Learning

CAGR                                    –              Compound Annual Growth Rate

CapEX                                   –              Capital Expenditure

CASA                                     –              Current Account Savings Accout

CBLO                                     –              Collateralized Borrowing and Lending Obligation

CCEA                                     –              Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs

CCIL                                       –              Clearing Corporation of India Ltd

DICGC                                   –              Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation

DSCR                                     –              Debt Service Coverage Ratio

D- SIBS                                  –              Domestic Systemically Important Banks

NDRF                                     –              National Disaster Response Force

FTA                                        –              Free Trade Agreement

GDR                                       –              Global Depository Receipt

GIRO                                     –              Government Internal Revenue Order

GSLV                                     –              Geo Synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle

ISIS                                         –              Islamic state of Iraq and Syria

JBIC                                        –              Japan Bank for International Cooperation

JICA                                       –              Japan International Cooperation Agency

JLF                                          –              Joint Lenders Forum

JLG                                         –              Joint Liability Group

KVIC                                      –              Khadi and Village Industries Commission

RWA                                      –              Risk Weighted Assets

SAFTA                                   –              South Asean Free Trade Areas

NDTL                                     –              Net Demand and Time Liabilities

OCD                                       –              Optically Convertible Debenture

OECD                                     –              Organization for Economic Co-operation

Few more Abbreviations

GPRS                                     –              General Packet Radio Service

GPS                                        –              Global Positioning System

CDMA                                   –              Code Division Multiple Access

GSM                                      –              Global System for Mobile Communication

CC Account                         –              Cash Credit Account

OD Account                        –              Over Draft Account

EPF                                         –              Employees Provident Fund

HDFC                                     –              Housing Development Finance Coporation

IMD                                       –              Indian Meteorological Department

ICICI                                       –              Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India

GST                                        –              Goods and Service Tax

ISO                                         –              International Organization for Standardization

LERMS                                  –              Liberalized Exchange Rate Management System

RTP                                        –              Reserve Tranche Position

NCFE                                     –              National Centre for Financial Education

PIO                                         –              Persons of Indian Origin

PACS                                     –              Primary Agriculture Credit Society

ATIF                                       –              Agri Tech Infrastructure Fund

SGL A/c                                –              Subsidary General Ledger Account

SCARDB                                –              State Co-operative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank

NFLAT                                   –              National Financial Literacy Assessment Test

CCSO                                     –              Chief Customer Service Officer

ESOP                                     –              Employee Stock Ownership Plan

OVI                                        –              Optically Variable Ink

IAF                                         –              India Aspiration Fund

RCEP                                      –              Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership

IARI                                        –              Indian Agricultural Research Institute

Now its time to end this article, we hope it will be very helpful for your banking examinations preparation. You can ask us for any queries and don’t feel shy to enter your valuable suggestions and comments.If you have found any mistake in this article feel free to report us through Commenting.Thank you.

Wish you all the very best!!

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