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Important International Boundary Lines

Static GK

Important International Boundary Lines

Important International Boundary Lines is Static Gk topic. Nowadays many Banking , state level and central level examinations concentrated on this topic. SO guys please make use of this article to get knowledge of it and gain marks in exams.ALL THE BEST..

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List of Important Boundary Lines

Durand Line Pakistan and Afghanistan
Hindenburg Line Germany and Poland
Line of Control ( LOC) It divides Kashmir between India and Pakistan
Maginot Line France and Germany
Mannerheim Line Russia and Finland
McMahon Line India and China
Oder Neisse Line Germany and Poland
Radcliffe Line India and Pakistan
Siegfried Line Germany and France
17th Parallel North Vietnam and South Vietnam
24th Parallel India and Pakistan
38th Parallel North Korea and South Korea
49th Parallel USA and Canada
Line of Actual Control India  & China on the Northern Border
Blue Line Isreal & Lebanon
Purple Line Israel and Syria

Green Line


Israel and its neighbours (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria)

Mason–Dixon line Maryland and Pennsylvania/Delaware in Colonial America
Curzon Line Poland & Russia
Military Demarcation Line (MDL) or Armistice Line North Korea and South Korea
16 Parallel North  Angola and Namibia
20 Parallel North Libya & Sudan
22 Parallel North Egypt & Sudan
25 Parallel North Mauritania & Mali
26 Parallel North  Western Sahara & Mauritania
31 Parallel North  Iraq & Iran
33rd Parallel North North Africa and parts of the Middle East and China.
35 Parallel North Border b/w Tennessee/Mississippi, Tennnessee/Alabama, Tennesse/Georgia, North Carolina/Georgia
36 Parallel North Southern most boundary of the state of Missouri with the state of Arkansas.
37th Parallel North Southern boundary of the historic and extralegal Territory of Jefferson
40 Parallel North border b/w Nebraska & Kansas
41 Parallel North the border b/w wyoming/utah border, Wyoming/colorado, Nebraska/Colorado.
42 Parallel North new york & Pennsylvania Border
43 Parallel North State Nebraska & state of south Dakota
45 Parallel North Montana & Wyoming


DOWNLOAD PDF :  List-of-Important-boundary-lines.pdf

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