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List of Important Finance and Banking Acronyms Part 2

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List of Important Finance and Banking Acronyms

Hello Aspirants Welcome to This Article, In this Article we are Providing Important Finance and Banking Acronyms. In the Recent Past Banking Examination Trend had changed Tremendously. In every bank exam 3 to 4 questions are  Shooted from this abbreviations Section.Keeping this in mind we brought you list of all important abbreviations related to banking and Finance.

Important Finance and Banking Acronyms

AFSPA                                   –              Armed Forces Special Powers Act

AIBEA                                    –              All India Bank Employees Association

ANBC                                    –              Adjusted Net Bank Credit

AOA                                       –              Agreement On Agriculture

ARCIL                                    –              Asset Reconstruction Company India Ltd

ASEAN                                  –              Association of South East Nations

BARC                                     –              Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

BOP                                       –              Balance of Payments

CACP                                     –              Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices

CD Ratio                               –              Credit Deposit Ratio

CGTMSE                               –              Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises

CIC                                         –              Central Information Commission

CII                                           –              Confederation of Indian Industry

CMB                                      –              Cash Management Bills

CMBS                                    –              Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities

COPRA                                  –              Consumer Protection Act

CPI                                         –              Consumer Price Index

OTC                                        –              Over The Counter

AIIA                                       –              All India Institute of Ayurveda

CD                                          –              Countervailing Duty

DBOD                                    –              Department of Banking Operations and Development

DWACRA                             –              Department of Women and Children in Rural Areas

EEFC                                      –              Exchange Earners Foreign Currency

HUDCO                                 –              Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd

ICDS                                       –              Integrated Child Development Services

ICSID                                     –              International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes

IFAD                                      –              International Fund for Agricultural Development

IFC                                          –              International Finance Corporation (private arm of world bank)

IFCI                                        –              Industrial Finance Corporation of India Ltd

IGRC                                      –              Investor Grievance Redressal  Committee

IFSC                                       –              Indian Financial System Code

IIBI                                         –              Industrial Investment Bank of India

IIP                                           –              Index of Industrial Production

Some More Banking Abbreviations

INFINET                               –              Indian Financial Network

IOSCO                                   –              International Organizations of Securities Commissions

MSS                                       –              Market Stabilization Scheme

IRFC                                       –              Indian Railway Finance Corporation

WAP                                      –              Wireless Application Protocol

WGC                                      –              World Gold Council

USOF                                     –              Universal Service Obligation Fund

UMPP                                   –              Ultra Mega Power Project

TFA                                        –              Trade Facilitation Agreement

TFCI                                       –              Tourism Finance Corporation of India Ltd

TRedS                                   –              Trade Receivables Discounting System

SMA                                      –              Special Mention Accounts

SFIO                                       –              Serious Fraud Investigation Office

HQLA                                     –              High Quality Liquid Assets

RFCA                                     –              Resident Foreign Currency Account

RFID                                       –              Radio Frequency Identification

TRIPS                                     –              Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights

UAV                                       –              Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

UFCE                                     –              Unhedged  Foreign Currency Exposure

NCD                                       –              Non Convertible Debentures

PRAN                                    –              Permanent Retirement Account Number

PSLV                                      –              Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle

PTC                                        –              Pass Through Certificate

PKI                                         –              Public Key Infrastructure

NATO                                    –              North Atlantic Treaty Organization

PN                                          –              Participatory Note

NHDP                                    –              National Highways Development Project

NJAC                                     –              National Judicial Appointments Commission

NOFN                                    –              National Optical Fibre Network

NPT                                        –              Non Proliferation Treaty

NRLM                                    –              National Rural Livelihood Mission

NSDC                                     –              National Skill Development Corporation

NSE                                        –              National Stock Exchange

Now its time to end this article, we hope it will be very helpful for your banking examinations preparation. You can ask us for any queries and don’t feel shy to enter your valuable suggestions and comments.If you have found any mistake in this article feel free to report us. See you in the next session with some other interesting tutorials until then stay with us.

Wish you all the very best!!

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