National and International Days

List of Important International and National Days

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List of National and International Days is one of the most Important topic for Competitive Exams. Out of 365 days in a year, we have some special days like Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries, Raksha Bandhan..etc. Similarly for a particular cause, the Government of India, United Nations, World Health Organization..etc observe some Special Days every month. The main purpose of observing such days is to create awareness among the people for a particular cause.

We can expect a minimum of two or three questions from this List of National and International Days. Nowadays most of the exams focus more on the Themes of National and International Days.

List of National and International Days


January 1st      –          Global Family Day & World Day of Peace

January 4th      –           World Braille Day

January 6th      –           World Day of Orphans

January 9th      –           Pravasi Bharatiya Divas

January 10th    –           World Laughers Day & World Hindi Day

January 12th    –          National youth day

January 15th    –          Indian Army Day

January 23rd    –          Desh Prem Divas (Subhash Chandra bose’s Birth Day)

January 25th    –          National Voter’s Day & India Tourism Day

January 26th    –          Indian Republic Day & International Customs Day

January 30th    –           National Martyr’s Day

January 31st    –         Street Children’s Day


 February 1st     –           Indian Coast Guard Day

February 2nd   –          World Wetland Day

February 4th    –          World Cancer Day

February 5th    –           Kashmir Solidarity Day

February 6th    –           International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation

February 11th  –           World Day of Sick

February 13th  –           World Radio Day

February 14th  –          Saint Valentine’s Day

February 20th  –           World Day of Social Justice

February 21st  –          International Mother Language Day

February 25th  –           World Sustainable Energy Day

February 28th  –          National Science Day


March 1st         –           Zero Discrimination Day & National Defence Day

March 3rd        –           World Wild Life Day

March 4th        –         National Safety Day & World Day of Fight against Sexual Exploitation

March 8th        –          International Women’s Day

March 15th      –          World Consumer Rights Day

March 17th      –          World Sparrow Day

March 21st       –          World Poetry Day and International Day of Forests

March 22nd      –          World Water Day

March 23rd      –           World Meteorological Day

March 24th      –           World Tuberculosis Day

March 27th      –           World Theatre Day


April 2nd           –          World Autism Awareness Day

April 5th            –           Indian National Maritime Day

April 7th            –          World Health Day

April 13th          –          Jallianwala Bagh Massacre Day

April 17th          –           World Haemophilia Day

April 18th          –          World Heritage Day – International Day for Monuments and Sites

April 21st          –           Civil Service Day

April 22nd         –          World Earth Day

April 23rd          –          World Book Day and Copyright Day & English Language Day

April 25th          –          World Malaria Day

April 26th          –           World Intellectual Property Day

April 29th          –           International Dance Day


May 1st            –          International Workers Day or May Day

May 3rd            –           World Press Freedom Day

May 4th            –           International Fire Fighters’ Day

May 5th            –           World Asthma Day

May 8th            –          World Red Cross Day

May 11th          –          National Technology Day

May 12th          –          International Nurses Day

May 15th          –           International Day of the Family

May 17th          –          World Information Society Day & World Hypertension Day

May 20th          –           World Metrology Day

May 21st          –          Anti-Terrorism Day

May 22nd         –          World Biodiversity Day

May 24th         –          Commonwealth Day

May 25th          –           World Thyroid Day

May 28th          –          International Day of Action for Women’s Health

May 29th          –           International Day of UN Peacekeepers

May 31st          –          World No Tobacco Day


June 1st           –          International Children’s Day & World Day of Milk

June 5th           –          World Environment Day

June 7th           –           Cancer Survivors Day

June 8th           –          World Ocean Day

June 12th         –           Anti Child Labour Day

June 14th         –          World Blood Donor Day

June 15th         –          World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

June 20th         –          World Refugee Day

June 21st         –          World Music Day ,World Hydrography Day & Yoga Day

June 23rd         –           United Nations Public Service Day & International Olympic Day

June 26th         –          International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

June 29th         –           Statistics Day


July 1st             –          National Doctors Day

July 7th            –           World Forgiveness Day

July 11th          –          World Population Day

July 15th          –           World Youth Skills Day

July 17th          –           International Justice Day

July 18th          –           International Nelson Mandela Day

July 26th          –           Kargil Vijay Diwas

July 28th          –           World Heapatitis Day

July 29th          –          International Tigers Day


 August 6th       –           Hiroshima Day

 August 8th       –           World Senior Citizen’s Day

August 9th       –           World Indigenous Day

August 11th     –           National Daughter’s Day

August 12th      –          International Youth Day & World Elephant Day

August 15th      –          Independence Day

August 19th      –          World humanitarians Day

August 20th      –          World Mosquito Day

August 26th      –          Women’s Equality Day

August 29th      –          National Sports Day


September 5th –          National Teacher’s Day

September 8th –          International Literacy Day

September 11th –          Patriot Day

September 14th–           National Hindi Diwas

September 15th –          National Engineer’s Day & International Day of Democracy

September 16th –          World Ozone Day

September 18th –          World Water Monitoring Day

September 21st –          International Day of Peace

September 27th –           World Tourism Day

September 28th –           World Maritime Day

September 29th  –           World Heart Day


October 1st      –          World Vegetarian Day & International Day of Older Persons

October 2nd     –          World Non-Violence Day

October 4th      –          World Animal Day

October 5th      –           World Teachers Day

October 8th      –          National Air Force Day

October 9th      –          World Postal Day

October 16th    –          World Food Day

October 17th    –          International Anti-Poverty Day

October 24th    –           United Nations Day

October 31st    –           National Unity Day


November 9th  –          World Freedom Day & World Quality Day

November 10th–          World Science Day

November 11th–          National Education Day

November 14th–          National Children’s Day & World Diabetes Day

November 16th–          International Day for Tolerance

November 19th –        International Men’s Day

November 21st –        World Television Day & Linguistic Harmony Day

November 24th–          Women’s Day

November 25th –        International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women


December 1st  –          World AIDS Day

December 2nd –           World Pollution Prevention Day

December 3rd  –          World Disability Day

December 4th–            National Navy Day

December 5th  –          World Soil Day & International Volunteer Day

December 7th –           International Civil Aviation Day

December 10th –        Human Right Day

December 23rd –         Kisan Divas (India)

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