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Rythu Bandhu Scheme:

Rythu Bandhu scheme also Farmers’ Investment Support Scheme (FISS) is a welfare program to support farmers investment for two crop a year by the Government of Telangana. The government will provide ₹4000 per acre per season to support the farm investment. It will be provided twice a year for rabi and kharif seasons. This is the first such scheme in India. It will be launched on 10th May 2018. So Every year farmers will get crop investment twise in year for rabi and kharif seasons, ₹8000 will be given to the farmers who have land less than 10 acres. Approximately 97% farmers are get benefited with Rythu Bandhu Scheme  and this scheme is not applicable to tenant farmers (who have taken lands for lease).

Details of the Project:

Project Type Farmers Investment Support
Founder Telangana Govt
Project Established Date 10th May 2018
Budget alloted Rs 12000 Cr/Year

The scheme offers a financial help of ₹8,000 per year to each farmer (two crops). Over 97% of farmers have less than 10 acres per person. It will launch on 10th May 2018 before kharif season and for Rabi in November. The total farming land is 1.42 crore acres and the number of farmers in the state is 71.75 lakhs. Tenant farmers are exclud from the scheme.

Distribution of Money to Farmers:

  1. Around 58 lakh farmers in Telangana will receive ‘Rythu Bandhu’ cheques of 4,000 each for every acre they own.
  2. Who ever eligible to for this scheme they will get cheques.
  3. The Cheque distribution programme  begins on May 10th 2018.
  4. So after cheque released Farmers will get the money required to buy inputs for the upcoming kharif season.
  5. Farmers will get same amount in Rabi Season.
  6. The State government has allocated 12,000 crore for the financial assistance scheme.
  7. This Scheme is to  giving an annual support of 8,000 to take care of the input needs for 1.50 crore acres.
  8. To make this scheme easier the Telangana Government has tied up with some banks to distribute money to farmers by taking cheques.

“We will distribute the cheques for the rabi season from November 18. We have allocated 12,000 crore in the Budget for 2018-19,” an official of the Agriculture Ministry said.

Pattadar Passbook Distribution:

A new Pattadar Passbook is providing to the  farmers along with Cheques. These books are free of cost and also to purify the land records done by the government. The new passbook is highly secure with 17 tamper-proof security features, and a land bank website, Dharani, to have all land holdings in the state.

Dharani : Free Pattadar Passbook Scheme

Distribution of Free Pattadar Passbooks Under Land Records Registration at Dharani starts from 10th May 2018 in Telangana State. The Government of Telangana has taken a huge initiative to providing free passbooks to the farmers of the state. All the Land holders(farmers) of telangana has to register their land at Dharani website. So that we can track the land owners and details regarding the land easily. So that there is no way to corrupt the lands. And with this scheme both government and also farmers will get benefited. Free Pattadar passbook  scheme will be inaugurated on 11th march 2018 by TELANGANA Chief Minister.52 lakh farmers will be provided with passbooks in Telangana.

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